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Gracefulandfree is a lifestyle blog that focuses on cultivating a life well-lived. A life focused on intentional living, finding joy, and sharing that joy with others. With a love for style, a niche for loving life, appreciating the little things, and bringing enthusiasm and encouragement to others. Gracefulandfree is all about cultivating inspiration for a life well-lived. Through sharing encouraging words, helpful advice, style + home inspiration, and travel stories, Gracefulandfree is an authentic and genuine voice in the lifestyle and content creation niche.

A note from haley

Thank you so much for being in this space. For whatever reason, I am so glad that you are here! This space is YOURS and I am so happy to welcome you to the Gracefulandfree community. A place to encourage and inspire our best kind of living. The type of living that is completely free from all the expectations of perfection and envies of comparison. Just living our life, the best kind of life, by simply being us!


I am Haley. A late 20-something year old Georgia girl married to her high school sweetheart. Dog momma to the sweetest two puppies Shiloh & Milo. High school history and geography teacher, avid read and nerd, cross country coach, and pure barre instructor. Obsessed with all things happy & joyful! Lover of words and all things travel. Always eager & ready for the next adventure! Encouraging a life lived well, through grace and freedom. A life lived with intention and purpose!

Loving Lately!

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July 2, 2018