I know the importance of wanting to create a home that is full of life, love, and joy. I also know just how messy, and chaotic, and wild the moments of living can be. Which is exactly why I am so excited to invite you here. Specifically, to my little corner of the internet, with the number one goal of inspiring YOU to live an intentional life. And, I believe this can happen within your home. Therefore, allow me to take you through the home essentials you need to live your most intentional life, every single day, within the comfort of your home.

Home Essentials: The Kitchen

The first essential place to cultivate with intention within the home is the kitchen.

Home Essentials: The Living Room

The second essential place to focus on within the home is the living room.

Home Essentials: Master Bedroom

Next on the list for home essentials is of course, the master bedroom.

Home Essentials: Master Bathroom

Following up from the master bedroom, is the master bathroom, another home essential that requires special love and attention.

Home Essentials: the Laundry Room

Next on the list for home essentials is the room where all the life happens, the laundry room.

Home Essentials: the Office

The Dining Room

Home Essentials: The Second Bathroom

The Nursery

If you find yourself enjoying life’s precious blessing of motherhood, then I invite you to the nursery. This room was a specific dream of mine, from the deepest depths of my heart and the end result was better than I could have even dreamed. Specifically, I believe that every single nursery has eight essentials needed to cover all the bases. Therefore, I would love to invite you to check out our baby boy nursery reveal, including the nursery essentials to include in your own baby’s sweet room.

the Playroom

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Whether you are shopping for your Home Office, Dream Kitchen Table or your Dining Room essentials, I hope you find all the inspiration and more through a glimpse at Gracefulandfree Home.

A Gracefulandfree Home – Home Essentials for an Intentional Life

April 27, 2020