Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Happy week of Thanksgiving sweet friends. I think this is truly my favorite time of the year. If you are anything like myself then you have been going and going nonstop without even thinking of what your Thanksgiving outfit choice will be. Well, have no fear, I have put together your Thanksgiving outfit inspiration guide all right here!! Featuring the best sweaters, jeans and boots you could need for your perfect Thanksgiving outfit. And I have included the perfect accessorizes for you to complement with any outfit as well! My intention is for this post to be a great reference to help inspire an outfit that you can feel great in this Thanksgiving!

Disclaimer: For purchases you make using the links on this post, I do receive a small commission. Please know that I am greatly appreciative of each and every purchase as it goes to help cover the cost of creating and showing content for GRACEFULANDFREE across all social channels! 

Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration Guide:
Step One: THe perfect Sweater

Every Thanksgiving outfit is complete with a perfect sweater! I am talking sweaters with character AND comfort and have people looking and asking.. “Where did you get that from?!” Additionally, I encourage you to not be afraid to spend a few more dollars on a quality sweater because you will be paying for just what you are getting ~ a quality sweater that you can wear and feel good about. My favorite places to buy sweaters from include Dress Up, Pink Lily, the Mint, and Loft. All four of these stores pride themselves in the greatest quality at prices that won’t break the bank! Plus, several really GREAT sales are happening right now to that make everything even better!

Thanksgiving Inspiration guide
Step Two: Comfy Jeans, Leggings Or cords

Step Two of your Thanksgiving Inspiration Guide focuses ALL on the pants category. Think of the jeans, the cords, and the leggings that you need for ultimate comfort. Now, lets be real, I think leggings are your best bet for Thanksgiving to be sure to avoid all of the after meal bloat. And if leggings are your thing THAN YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT LOFT CURRENTLY HAS THEIR LEGGINGS FOR $20 THROUGH SUNDAY. This is a big deal, because usually these leggings are anywhere from $50-$60. So talk about a steal. I purchased a maroon pair last night and LOVE them. 

Other options for pants include JEANS (and I have really been loving Old Navy’s Boyfriend Jeans as well as their Rockstar Skinnies. 

And cords – Loft and J.Crew Factory have exceptional options! 

Thanksgiving Inspiration Guide
Step three: Boots.

Okay, the only think I am going to even say here is JUSTFAB. And if you haven’t done the thing yet, well than you need to do the thing. JUSTFAB is Fabletics, but for women’s clothing. Think all the boots you could ever dream of. And when you sign up, you get your first pair of boots for just $10. Yes, $10!!! So what this means is you sign up to be a VIP member and be sure to skip your month at the beginning of each month. If you don’t skip each month than it is just $39.99 and that goes as a credit to your account (and most boots are around that price!)

For a VIP member, you also get fantastic discounts. My boot collection has reached a whole new level this fall with JUSTFAB and let me tell you the boots are fantastic quality and have quickly become apart of my wardrobe heavy rotation! 

Part two: On to the fancier side of things
Thanksgiving inspiration guide part two

Now, if casual Thanksgiving isn’t your thing then I have just what you need. Options for a fancier, more dressed up Thanksgiving. Cause hey.. sometimes we just want to feel fancy!!

Thanksgiving Options less than $50

Well friends, there you go! Hopefully this helped for those still looking for a last minute Thanksgiving Outfit! 

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Thanksgiving Outfit Inspiration

November 23, 2019