a strong desire to travel.

What can I see, the thought of sitting in an airplane as the plane is taking off, as the adrenaline quickly moves through your veins, OR the feeling of overwhelming opportunity and hope that you feel as soon as you shut the door to the car after endless packing & loading of the car and start to pull out of the drive to reach your new destination.

A different part of my heart comes alive when I travel. First, I love the weeks of preparation and searching and dreaming of all that needs to be seen and done in a new city or the piles and piles of books that are pre-selected when going to the beach. Traveling always comes with so much anticipation and I am obsessed with it.

My husband and I LOVE to travel and we do it as much as we can. We both work A LOT. As a high school teacher who coaches two sports, every day is a work day and for my husband in finance and accounting, it always seems like we are in another quarter-end-close. So, when we are able to we love to get away and spend time with each other exploring new cities.

Within the past 18 months we have been to San Fransisco, New York, Boston, Portland, Maine; Stowe, Vermont; Toronto, San Diego, Hilton Head Island and Napa Valley. And we have some awesome trips coming up in the next couple of months that I am super thrilled about.

So here in “wanderlust” OR wonderland as I also like to call it, you may find travel ideas, city guides, and inspiration to suit all of your wandering hearts’ needs. And as someone who spends hours upon hours researching our trips via personal & travel blogs, I hope to give some of that back here.


Bon Voyage!




April 3, 2018