Reasons to use the App.
Reasons to Use the App!

Why You Should be Using the App

In a generation where so much of everything is on our phones, it should not come as a surprise that there is another APP that you should be using to keep up with the latest and greatest styles and decor. And while many people already have figured out this sweet spot and use it to captivate their wardrobe, so many still don’t quite know the full benefits or all the many reasons why they should be using the So I have put together a sweet little guide to help convince you ALL THE REASONS YOU should be using LTK.

Fortunately for you, my sweet & loyal readers here at Gracefulandfree, I want to make your life easier, and sweeter and better! So here you go, SIX reasons why YOU should be using the app!

Reasons to Use the Liketoknow.It App

LTK Reason #1: You can easily shop your favorite influencer/blogger’s look

Do you have that favorite influencer or blogger that you love following? And when I say love following I mean genuinely LOVE following, not the secretly I despise you because your life looks too perfect, but the genuine I love your style and your feed kind of vibe!

I think we all have that list. And to be honest, even before I started blogging, I had my favorites that I always was SO excited to see each new post, truly just love being able to support other women in this, so for me several of my other sweet favorites I have included in this post to share as well!

Well, the best part about is it allows you to easily search and shop your favorite looks and styles all on YOUR home feed. You basically create an account at and follow the accounts of those you are inspired by or share similar fashion tastes with and TA-DA, you have their entire look right on your feed that you can instantly shop and click!

LTK Reason #2: You can easily search for items

The app is SO easy to use. And I am talking about the easiest! Even if you believe you are not tech savvy, you can absolutely do this one! Say you are needing an outfit to take with you to the beach. OR you are looking for inspiration for workday wear. Or maybe you want to see how you can style a white denim jacket. All you have to do is type in what you are looking for and already created outfits featuring the item you searched for will appear. This makes it not only easy to shop for inspiration, but also super quick to go ahead and make a purchase right then and there if it something that is an amazing fit!

And if you are not yet ready to purchase, well then… on to Reason #3, you can instantly save your items to shop for later!

LTK Reason #3: You can save items to shop for later

So many great functions all within the app, including the ability to save your favorite looks for later. So if you know you do want to buy, but just not today, click on the save and you will have all of your favorites stored in your own wishlist that you can look back on at any given time.

Curate your own wishlist.

Not only can you create a wishlist, but you can have an EXCEPTIONALLY organized wishlist and organize your saved items into different collections based on your needs. For example, you can create collections for Home Decor, Vacay Inspo or Baby Gear. Think of this like your instantly shop-able Pinterest board.

LTK Reason #4: You can curate a list of styles to follow that fit YOUR lifestyle provides YOU with the ability to completely customize your feed. Follow your favorite celebs, influencers, and bloggers and be sure that everything you are seeing are the things you are actually interested in buying. You hand-select who you want to follow and as a result you create a home feed that features your tastes and your preferred designs. That way you know that the things you are seeing are things you actually care about and are interested in buying!

For example, here are ALL sweet finds that I have put together to share on featuring Shein and their summer finds. All of these items could appear in your search if you were looking for “Summer Dresses” in your search feed.

LTK Reason #5: It is easy to use

It is quick & simple. All you need is an APP to download on your phone. And is easily compatible with Instagram. This means that all you have to do is snap a screenshot of your favorite looks on your Insta screen. Once you do that, LTK automatically saves the picture in the LTK APP, making it SUPER easy to shop!

LTK Reason #6: You can show your support to your favorite bloggers

Finally, reason number 6 for why you should be using One of my favorite things about LTK is it is a simple and easy way to say a big thank you and I love you to the bloggers and the influencers.

And, I get it. From the outside looking in blogging & influencing can be looked oddly at, and I will be the first to admit that I made awkward glances and thought uncomfortable things before I got into this world.

However, from working on this side of the spectrum, I have forever been encouraged and inspired by the creativity that is seen behind the lens and from the lens. Additionally, you can read all about my thoughts on Social Media HERE! And LTK provides such a sweet opportunity to say a little thank you for the hard work that goes into ALL the things!

because truth be told

Because truth be told, blogging isn’t just a mere snap a few photos and post them here or there. And I know, it can be SO easy to judge from the outside looking in, but in fact, every little thing does take time. Whether it is just linking a few items to share, planning out an Instagram post, or editing a blog post. Sometimes it feels like an entire Broadway production when it is all said and done!

Which is why LTK is a sweet little way to give credit back to those you love following. Now, the commissions earned off of items purchased in the LTK app are small, but it is still something that can go back to the blogger. And when it goes back to the blogger, you can absolutely be sure that the money is being used to pour back into her content. Furthermore, that content can then used to create for all of YOU and give back to what fuels her fire in the first place.. YOU!

Well, there you have it sweet friends, six reasons why you should be using the app! As always, I greatly appreciate your support in helping this space exist. Love you lots!

xo. Haley

The app & the reasons why YOU should be using it

January 1, 2020