Ten Things to Do in Vancouver, British Columbia

  1. heather says:

    It’s all so beautiful! I was in Vancouver briefly, and wish I’d had more time to explore!

  2. Krystin says:

    I live in Vancouver and you definitely hit the right spots for this! There is some of the best sushi here and your photos are grogeous!

  3. Natasha says:

    I used to live in Vancouver for two years while going to school. Gastown is definitely an area to check out especially the little hole in the wall restaurants (highly recommend La Casita Mexican restaurant), but not so much after dinner time. Also, if you have time, Stanley Park and the Aquarium are something that’s not to be missed. Another place with good eats is Peaceful Restaurant on Broadway, amazing food, great price. There are so many more places worth exploring that haven’t even been mentioned in the blog post. If you haven’t been, definitely take a week and go see Vancouver.

    • haleycbond says:

      Ah that’s amazing!! Yes, we only had a little over a day and I wish we had a week at least!! We loved Stanley Park, thanks for all the recommendations!!

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